We carry an organic farm because we believe in it. Pesticides and all toxins are not an issue for us. We pay great attention to nature and our health (animal and human).

Fresh Water

Water Facilities include a well on the farm with fresh spring water. Refresh yourself with it and experience water in its purest and clearest form which our world can offer. A person should drink 2-3 liters of fluid per day, but do we do our bodies and the environment any good when we drink beverages from disposable plastic bottles? Everyone may form his own opinion, but we are not convinced! Try our water from the well and you will see the difference. Approximately 10 minutes away on foot is the "Leutascher Ache", a mountain stream. It is a stream of natural origin in the Gaistal and just as naturally he flows through Leutasch. There is something very special when you go with the children to the "Leutascher Ache". Parents are just as euphoric as children - build dams, throw stones, wildlife watching, grilling and much more.

Heating System

All our buildings are centrally operated with a wood chip heating. The wood for this purpose does not come from distant forests, it is not transported by heart and it also does not have to drive several kilometers to the next processor. Quite the contrary: All the trees are carefully selected, beaten in the woods around Leutasch and immediately processed on our farm.

Nature and nothing else

Our house is located in the middle of nature, to hear no industry, no highway, no train. Only a small coastal road past our house. The only noise you might be awakened are our cows with a strong MUUHHH or our 5 chickens with a "Kack Kack" because they are proud when they laid an egg.

Herb garden

Benefit from our organic herb garden and our knowledge about herbs. Try a daisy or a sorrel and do something good for your body. You are welcome to participate in our herb tours during the summer.


Move Moving is easy in Leutasch - whether summer or winter. Out on the trail or up to the mountain. Of course, with some respect! You can leave the car, everything you need can be reached on foot! For example, the mountains, the trails, our wonderful stream (Leutascher Ache) and a small Supermarket.